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Looking For 1941 Studebaker President Engine rebuild kit

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Take your place in line! There is simply nothing like this available. The best you can hope for is to tear the engine down figure out what it needs. Than say a little prayer and hope that your search will uncover something that others of us don't know about. Be prepared for a long wait and then be willing to pay the price-it won't be cheap!

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You just posted on adjusting the valves and hearing noises after.  Did you decide the engine needs a rebuild?  Depending on what you need, it could cost $5000-$10,000.


You'll have to do a lot of shopping and networking, but most of the parts are out there, maybe tucked away in someone's stash of parts for a someday project that will never happen.  You'll have to pull your engine apart to see the condition of the cylinder bores and mic the crankshaft.


Gasket set: Olson's Gaskets, Port Orchard, WA.  Owner Sandy Olson is a Studebaker guy.

Cam bearings:  Dave Thibeault, Maynard, MA.  He can also get you many of the other parts you will need.

Pistons and rods:  should be some parts available from various Studebaker vendors in various bores.  In a pinch, Carillo/Arias can make high quality pistons and rods for you, have made President 8 parts before but maybe years ago.  You'll need rings to match.  The Studebaker Museum has drawings for most of the engine parts.

Main bearings:  This will be the challenge.  Standard size bearings are around, ones for undersize cranks rare.  The front thrust bearing is very rare.

Rod bearings:  about like mains

Valves:  Exhaust valve 189820 available from Studebaker vendors, maybe even in stainless steel.  The 187169 inlet valves should be available.  

Camshaft timing gear (phenolic):  181233 usually available.


Call around to the major Studebaker parts vendors, like Studebaker International, Stephen Allen, and studebakerparts.com to see what they have.  Also, try Googling using "Studebaker xxxxxx" where the x's are the part number.


Good luck!



My 1937 President engine block during rebuild.



My President 8 engine fully assembled in my 1932 Indy car re-creation.



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