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1931 Plymouth pa body support mounts


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Yes there are two . Seems odd that such a heavy bracket with a large bolt hole in it would just be used to support light weight sheet metal? The look like some kind of support seats. maybe I am missing a piece that comes off these to support the side trim?

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I agree they are quite heavy, Front seat sits directly on the floor, there is a center support for the front seat. I don't believe you're missing anything, The panels have a notch (marked in blue)  in them at the location of the hole, I "presume" the hole and notch have something to do with assembly line alignment??  The panels are supported by the bolts to the front and rear fenders.


Edit.... I checked the parts book and they are listed as body mounts, they may be used for body mounting with other body types but not the roadster.


Hope this helps,





rf filler panel.jpg

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