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'36 Front Door Vent Window mechanism servicing with updated photos

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I am in the process of replacing the weatherstrip on the vent windows. When I opened the actuator mechanism to remove the nut, 4 pins and springs flew out. The pins have left witness marks but unsure on the orientation in relation to the drive dogs. Has anybody been here before? I would prefer to finish this one first before taking the other window out and working on it.





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This is one place I have been lucky enough not to have had to venture into.   Unfortunately, I'm going to need to know more about this, sooner or later....Please keep us informed . 


By the way where did you find the window rubber? Can you post a link? 





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The way this mechanism works is the handle moves first the cup only so that the latch can move out of the way of the window. Then the cam moves to rotate the vent window. The 4 pins act like a clutch to move the cam with the cup and springs. 

To remove the vent window to replace the weatherstrip etc, the shaft has to be removed from the underside of the vent window. There are 2 8X32 machine screws that hold the shaft to the underside of the vent window frame. It is a little press into the recess, with the window open lift the window off the shaft and pivot it out of the frame.


On removal of the vent window assembly cap is the “cam” that rotates the vent window. Mine was held on by two rivets.


On removal you will have 4 pins and 4 small springs which will likely fall out. The cam and a brass piece that acts as a bearing and holds the springs and pins. Inside the cap there is a steel shim that the pins ride on. 

When done you will have this 4 finger cup. Clean all the parts.

Reinstall the cam with the small drive ends in the small slots of the cup. Use small taps to settle the cam into full engagement of the splines. See photo.

Use White Lithium grease to hold the pins and springs in place. See photo.

Now reinstall the cap with the steel bearing also lubricated with Lithium grease. 

The tricky part is getting the cap on, which loosing a pin or spring can easily happen. The springs are more likely to drop down. I used a small flat screwdriver blade to carefully push the loose end of the springs back in line and the cap settled into place. Use rivets to finish the install of the cap.


Hope this is a help to others. I suspect that the Airflows without the separate vent window crank maybe are the same but no idea if so.














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Yikes....  Looks complicated.....  Once put back together  did the lever feel any different?

Can you with spring tension at any time....  I'm wondering how bad mine really are..



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