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'28 Buick "Special" parade car

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The owner called it a touring car but as you can see....

the angle of that back seat makes me dizzy!



Bought this on a whim and made a mistake. She's beautiful but after getting it home it is above my capabilities. Wont even fit in my garage. My loss, your gain. Make a reasonable offer. Does not run.
2 Zero 8 58043 double 5


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1 hour ago, Mark Huston said:

This former Buick sedan is more proof that only professionally trained automobile designers should design cars.   

Goes back to what I said before, when designing a car put it on paper first.  I bet most of these cars would never have been built if the builder got a good look at the car on paper, and especially passed it around for friends to critique. 

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This has to be one of the more interesting "COBBELATIONS" I have ever seen. This Master 6 probably started out life as a Sedan from the cowl shape. The earlier possibly non-Buick windshield does make nice statement as it appears chromed. Again, a lot of work on a parade car. Possibly for a Christmas application. I can see Santa in the back waving......Should be photos of it underway during some parade in the past.

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