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Vintage Borg & Beck Clutch Questions


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I have a couple of vintage Mopars. My 1938 Plymouth sedan currently has 25" long 237 ci engine in it. About a 1953 year engine. It currently has a pressure plate in it labeled "Borg & Beck Model 937" It has orange springs.


I have a used spare Borg & Beck pressure plate labeled "Borg & Beck Model 926".  Springs appear un-coloured.


I have located what looks like a good used & rebuilt pressure plate labeled "Model 918". These appear to be the stock sized used in a 1938 Plymouth. The stock engine was 201 ci. My 237 makes a fair bit more torque than the original 201 engine.


I am interested in learning the differences in these clutches. They all appear to have the same 9 1/4" diameter clutch disc. I assume the main difference is clutch pressure plate spring tension?


In general is the higher the model number, the higher spring tension? I don't know. My 237 ci engine is starting to slip the clutch with the Model 937 pressure plate in there now.  Unsure if it's worn out. If the disc is worn beyond spec. Or if the increased torque of my 237, with the 937 pressure plate in there now, is not enough. Allowing it to slip under heavy torque.


Does anyone have an old catalogue with listing details? I'd like to learn more, and consider my options to buy a new pressure plate. 

Lastly is Borg & Beck, the same as Borg Warner? Did the two companies merge at some point?




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Borg and Beck was established in 1903 and merged with other companies to become Borg Warner in 1928 in the US. It still operates as Borg and Beck in the UK and supplies clutch and driveline components to European and British Commonweallth countries.

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