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Hello to all….again!!!!!!

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  • So 5-7 years ago I went through a very nasty divorce. My wife took just about everything I had. Cars, money, furniture, computers…..you name it she left with it. All of my passwords were saved with her. She took the titles to my cars and everything else you could think of. I tried anything and everything I could to get it back, it went in and out of court for years. I just got my AOL account password back about two weeks ago and I was able to view some of my old emails from here. This is a great site and you guys are so knowledgeable. I need to speak to a guy who’s handle is Buick5563. Apparently I owe him something and would like to settle it. (If he would allow me to.) I have a 1955 Buick special that I pulled the 264 out of. It was running like crap and blowing smoke everywhere. I have a freshly rebuilt 1956 322 bored 40 over and it’s ready to go into it. It needs an immense amount of work but I’m willing to do it. My uncle has a 1938 Buick special with a 1968-70 Chevy 4 bolt bored 30 over. It is a very nice car. I’m looking forward to speaking with you all and I’m glad to be back.
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