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New stance for the Riv …. Air shockers


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Hi all, 

have always been concerned over the rear height of the Riviera when loaded with fuel and luggage so air adjustable shockers were always on the agenda. With the Buick Nationals coming up in Australia in May, time was right to make the change.


Like most things lately it fought me all the way as they were Australian made Monroe shockers that needed to be modified.


First suitable spacers were machined to match the top and bottom bolt sizes then the width of the rubber bushes needed to be reduced. As the air lines were close to the exhaust pipes decided to have the air outlet face forward and away from the heat.


Threading the 1/8” nylon tubing thru the protective plastic sheathing used for electrical cables was no easy task either but at the end it all worked out fine. Lines were routed on top of the chassis rail and at the rear of the bumper bar to a tee connection that mounted using an existing hole in the frame.


Tried 50psi to start with but provided a steeper rake at the rear so dropping the pressure to 45psi with a full tank of fuel gave a nice look - slightly raised at the rear.


Pictures we’re taken Saturday at a local caravan park where vintage caravans were on display. I like the look that it has and should be no problems adding our luggage for an interstate trip.


Photos otherwise it did not happen.

Rodney 😊😊😊😊😊😊





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