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1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible on FB - Not Mine

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Seems another mystery price.  First question asked was what's the price and the response was they messaged them the price.  Why do people even waste anyone's time by posting a car without a price,  especially , maybe not in this case, a more common car that's easy to find other examples of for sale? 

I've seen it over and over in Hemmings.  Something like a 65 Mustang,  nothing particularly special about it,  or 57 Chevy or something,  even seen it with Model A's and often by a dealer.  First question anyone is going to ask is what's the price.  I usually blow by any ad without a price.  The old saying comes to mind,  if I have to ask the price ,  I can't afford it,  and if I do,  it's most likely overpriced,  when compared to the one above or below it for sale,  with a listed price. 

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The lady selling this Roadmaster let me know they have 55.000 GBP in receipts for the car. Then you can speculate about the price. Red leather interior. I paid for my driver quality '49 super convertible, totally rust free, but with dings and dangs,  15.000 USD. Good enough for me. 

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