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1957 Chevy Belair battery

Lisa E

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Your options for an original appearance battery are very limited now since Antique Auto Battery/Jim's went out of business a few years back.


Battery Central Mall makes them but a long lead time from what I've read here and other forums. I think theirs are gel-cell in a period case which will require a specific type of battery tender/maintainer. 


Check with some of the Corvette vendors or even Pontiac and Jeep since those used the DC-12 too. Another option is a battery topper and decal kit which allows you to use a modern parts store battery and still get the original look. I have some hardcore Chevrolet friends who've been doing that the last few years.


Count yourself lucky that the original Delco DC-12 corresponds to currently available sizes, and you could use a NAPA, Exide or other currently available battery. Those of us with Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs that require the Group 60K battery are hung out to dry now. Nothing else fits properly.

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If you are not going to show your car just get a battery from your local NAPA store. What I've done the last few years for shows is remove the logos from a NAPA battery and at the show remove the fill covers from the battery top and put DELCO fill caps in the holes for the judging.

Looks close enough to the old tar tops to either fool or appease the judges.........Bob

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