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Looking for hood ornament pieces

Pyramid Optimized Design

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We are a design/prototyping company that is in the process of building a replica of the 1934 Plymouth schooner hood ornament, and we are trying to get our hands on more pieces of originals.  We are using 3D scanning equipment to generate a model of the original so that we can 3D print replicas from aluminum.

What we have currently is a heavily damaged 1934 (I believe) base that has been ground down in the past to try and hide that it was broken so badly. As well as large portion of a 1935 ornament that is missing parts as well.

We have a somewhat workable model that we have been able to generate from 3D scanning and merging the two pieces, but we are looking for a more intact base and possibly a foresail, as that is completely missing from the pieces we have.

I've attached photos of the parts we have and our current model.



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