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Picked this up 6 months ago!


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I picked up a 1967 Grand Prix, 400ci, 4 speed manual on the floor, and now going through the fixes.  This is the first Pontiac I’ve owned.  It’s really in pretty good shape.  I’ve had the mechanicals done, interior reupholstered, went to dual exhaust with a nice purr. Next is paint; hope to do this in the next few weeks!


I am looking for a heater/ac vacuum switch (not sure that’s what it’s called) if anyone knows how to get a hold of one!  I’ll post some pics of the car and the switch.


I’ve got to repair the steering wheel; will be sending it off to CA for recasting - $2K! Yikes, but need to be done!






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13 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

4 Speed Bench seat full size car.  Talk about special order.  Couldn't have ever been more than a handful made like that. 

I think it was the red one of these three that were at the POCI convention in Orlando, Florida, 1978 was a 428 + 4 speed and was one of less than 10.  My photo. 


Doesn't time fly? Those cars were only a little over ten years old then! 


PICT0003 resize.JPG

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