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Ford/ Lincoln 460 Horsepower ratings

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The '69 thru '71 engines were rated at 365 HP @ 4600 RPM and the torque was 500 ft/lbs. these engines were rated as "gross horse power", not net. Starting in '72 the compression was lowered to 8.5/1(regular gas useage)and the horsepower was rated in "net" terms.the '72 was rated at 224 hp (212 hp for the Mark IV)They then lowered the compression to 8/1 for use of unleaded gas and the net hp ratings again dropped to 219/220 hp and 202/206 hp for the Mark IV. DP

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If you are considering a rebuild, the 460 can be tweaked to over 400 HP, while maintaining totally stock appearance, other than perhaps an aluminium intake and headers. It's not as cheap as a SBC, but they are very strong and will give you gobs of torque. Perfect for a truck!

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