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This thing is WAY COOL !!!

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To preserve this information when the eBay listing runs out:


1975 Dodge Ram 3500


Miniature Peterbilt 359 379 389 Semi Truck ~ Dodge 3500 6V Cummins Turbo Diesel

Mini Big Rig Real Metal Body Built Right Runs XLNT A++


This truck was taken off the frame and combined with a Classic Pete to make the perfect small Mini Pete. Titkes as a 1992 Dodge 3500 its actually a Peterbilt Paccar / Kenworth or what have you 359 / 379 body and a Mopar into one mean machine!! Its all metal and real Paccar and Mopar. This truck is a BLAST to drive and My dad bought it as a toy / 5th truck. He actually drove it on a 4000 mile road trip and enjoyed that.


EVERYONE Looks at this truck and wants to talk at the local gas station or sonic... People flag you down on the highway with the Thumbs up etc etc It is a Absolute joy to drive. Although my mom HATE it because she does not like the attention.... If you do NOT like attention then you should look at a 68 Camaro.. LOL 😉



Image 1 - 1975 Dodge Ram 3500 Image 31 - 1975 Dodge Ram 3500

Image 41 - 1975 Dodge Ram 3500

Image 71 - 1975 Dodge Ram 3500

Image 101 - 1975 Dodge Ram 3500

Image 11 - 1975 Dodge Ram 3500



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1 hour ago, Fossil said:

Just wish the front fenders were in better proportion to the rest of the truck. Otherwise it appears to be very well done. 




You beat me to it.   How do you do such a great job and then use those front fenders?

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I posted on this yesterday and must have gotten deleted for some reason.  It just needs bigger wheels.  They even make 20 or 22 Inch semi style wheels for 1 ton Chassis which the axles look to be from.   Would have been the perfect match.  Not sure why that upset someone. 

Beautiful truck lots of nice work done,  but as usual one little fail that really hurts the overall finished example. 

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