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Vacuum tank top

old car fan

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Part of a Stewart  autovac, there should be a flip/flop brass valve system with a brass float on the underneath of the diecast top, and they had a flapper valve at the bottom of that cylinder. They were used on lots of cars from the 20's.

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Okay, I'll try this one more time.

Sterwart Warner vacuum pumps for Automobile use:

Top is 4 1/4" diameter. 

Made of pot metal or zink type metal, it does not rust and is non magnetic. Normal to find with cracked tops due to being made of pot metal.

Uses 8 screws. When you buy the gaskets that sell on the internet, this is the one you are getting. 8 screw holes plus one for the vent.

Float is metal similar to what is used in most carburetors.

Some of the later ones used 4 screws and the top is made of pressed tin.


Stewart Warner vacuum pumps used for Caterpillar Tractor:

Top is 6" diameter.

Made of cast iron. It is magnetic and will rust.

Uses 10 screws.

Float is made of cork.


The top in question shows just a little bit of the float which leads me to believe that the internal parts are there just not visible in the photo.

Have seen these on early Caterpillars only but they could have also been used on other heavy equipment.



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