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Sagging rear seat, tip , may be of help to others.

Wayne R

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Thought i would show this  tip , for a  sagging  rear seat in  my 64 Electra  225 convertible,

when i  took delivery from the shipping  agent, about  2 years ago,  seats all looked quite  nice,

and  the previous  dealer   said that the upholstery  had been  re done  about 5 years ago.

And 64 has  vinyl on outsides ,with genuine leather  inserts., and the fronts seats are   very nice

and  still soft  with a firm feel.---but anytime  i had passengers in rear they complained that they were  to soft and

bottom would sink away done.

This is what i did , and its worked just fine, since i have done this  easy job,.

Just buy-- one-- foam pool noodle at any  pool shop, and fit and cut lenghts  about 1/2 inch longer than required ,

between the  under top spring, and bottom spring, buy a small tin of  non spray contact adhesive, and small 

paint brush ,use plenty of adhesive  top and bottom ,leave 1/2 hour before gluing.--.

May be  good  for other models and years as well. ,and i do have rear seat belts fitted now.





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