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51 Mercury, Laquer, need help

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Gentlemen, i just got me a 51 Mercury Monterey. Preowner painted the Car in Laquer. Unfortunately the Car is in Germany now and i am in need of som quarts of this paint (system not available over seas) to repair a few spots.

Anyone can help me? The idea is to send a sample piece to get the paint mixed, shipping adress is NJ or LA.


Thank you so much




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If you REALLY want to touch it up in lacquer, contact TCP Global to see if they can help you out. They are very good at color matching.


That is a very nice looking car and it is a shame that it was painted in lacquer when a modern paint would look better as well as hold up better.  I used lacquer to paint my 40 Mercury black back in 1976 and am still sorry that I did it. It has been repainted with PPG base coat-clear coat and I am much happier with being to maintain the paint to high standards. Lacquer chips easier and fades faster than the base coat-clear coat. There has been NO fading of my paint since it was painted in 2004. I had an accident in 2019 that was repaired in 2020 with paint left over from 2004. The color was spot painted and the clear coat covered the panels damaged. You cannot see where it was repaired.


My preference would be to go with a modern single stage paint and paint the complete quarter panel shown. With a good color match and buff out the different paint type would not be noticeable. New lacquer will fail in the same manner with the additives in the new fuel. If you have small chips that need to be repaired, the modern paint will work there also


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