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For Sale: 1940 Nash Lafayette 4DR Humpback - $6,000 - Project - Sams Valley, OR - Not Mine

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 For Sale: 1940 Nash Lafayette 4DR Humpback - $6,000 - Project - Sams Valley, OR

1940 Nash Lafayette 4DR Humpback - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

1940 Nash LaFayette humpback sedan. Needs headliner and seats redone - have material. Purchased in 2012 in San Jose CA, the seller told me it was a barn find car in Napa CA. It is virtually rust free and has had a lot of repairs & upgrades done since purchase. A buddy of mine took the car for over a year and installed a new Ron Francis wire harness and converted to 12v system. He converted the generator from 6v to 12v. He dismantled & rebuilt the front suspension, made new bushings on his lathe and I found 1 new & 1 used knee action shocks. He completely rebuilt the brakes with a new master cylinder - all parts available at local auto parts store.

The engine runs but smokes after it runs for a while. I made a walk around video with the car running it is posted here:

copy & paste the link in your favorite browser. I had new windshield made which I installed with new rubber from Steele. I had new rear wind wings made but have only installed 1. I bought 2 rolls of fabric, 1 grey and 1 light tan to have interior and headliner made from. I had an upholstery make the door panels for me. He was going to do the whole job but I had to move out of state before the job could get started.
2 new tires installed 195/75/16 and 2 used tires 600 16. The front bumper is new 1940 Ford. All other trim is here and has all been chromed or stainless trim has been buffed The rear bumper chrome is peeling. 4 hub caps included.
Contact: no phone listed.
Copy and paste in your email: 9eb76501fbb33c24a66cd02db1a31079@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1940 Nash Lafayette 4DR Humpback - Project.

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR a.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR b.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR c.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR d.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR e.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR f.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR g.jpg

'40 Nash Lafayette 4DR OR h.jpg

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