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1931 Chrysler CM-6 parts wanted

Pete Phillips

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On 3/24/2022 at 6:46 PM, Pete Phillips said:

Restoring a 1931 Chrysler CM-6 4-dr. sedan. Need the headlight bezels & lenses; water pump with fan pulley; generator and cut-out; and a windshield frame with the upper hinge.

Pete Phillips

Leonard, Texas



I have this one....

IMG_0977 (2).JPG

IMG_0979 (2).JPG

IMG_0978 (2).JPG

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On 3/26/2022 at 2:28 PM, ArticiferTom said:

Have D-R 943 J generator .  Not sure what yours takes .

That would be pretty close, from what I have learned. Here's a small sketch of the critical dimensions. 5.5 inches between the two mounting points on the bracket that holds it; 2.5 inches from the back of the front mounting point to the beginning of the pulley. Hope this makes sense.IMG_1906.JPG.4bcefb117c051153804d917adeaf2487.JPG

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