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67 skylark door panel

Todd B 1928

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I don't know what the latch handle on your car looks like, but GM typically uses the clip like on the window handle, or for 'paddle' style latches there's typically a screw through the handle at the center of the shaft.

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Once you get the handles off, pull gently from the bottom edge of the panel to release the metal spring clips holding it to the door shell. Start and work around the bottom edge.  Then, with the bottom loose, gently push the whole panel upward to disengage the upper retainers at the bottom of the window opening.  Then remove gently from the door shell.  Reverse to reinstall the panel.


You will most probably discover some deteriorated, paper thin, thick brown paper between the panel and the door shell.  This is GM's version of "water shield".  You can replace it with some plastic sheeting, even wider sheets of bubblewrap.  Punch the needed holes for the handle mechanisms and linkages, as necessary.  Use quality masking take to secure it on the sides and bottom.


Of course, with everything open, be sure to lube every moving slide on the window, gears on the window regulator, the door latch mechanism, and all related rods/linkages.  Just be sure to keep the lubes off of the glass itself.  Using something a bit more heavily-bodied that "oil" will work best, by observation.


With that door all done, plan on doing the other side/doors, too.




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