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1955 Super 56R Front Seatbelt Installation question


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Seatbelts have never been retrofitted to my recently acquired 55 Super 56R (2 door hardtop) and I plan on installing 2 point lap belts. The rear installation is no mystery but I'm wondering about the front. It appears that I would have to cut slots in the upholstery at the junction of the base and the folding seatback to feed the belts through. In working on the front seat of a friend's 70 Olds 98 I saw the seat base upholstery factory slotted with a large plastic grommet for the belt to run through. The alternative would be to have them run over the top of the large seat base trim piece, which just doesn't look right to me.


Does anyone with a 2 door (or convertible) from the era have a picture of a successful front belt install? Thanks.

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