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1932 SPEEDSTER RACECAR - $3,800 (Floyd, VA) not mine!

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1932 SPEEDSTER RACECAR - $3,800 (Floyd)


Handcrafted all steel replica car, boat tail. 4 cylinder, automatic, ONE OF A KIND!!!! Street legal and other accessories.
Call 540 239 55 nine nine and leave a message. Floyd, VA. WILL NOT RESOND TO TEXTS OR EMAILS.
$3,800 CASH.


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1 hour ago, JFranklin said:

What do you think the chassis was from?

100% DJ Jeep ex-US Postal mail delivery, the DJ were right hand drive, A/T trans


Jeep front hub and wheel bolt pattern, 2wd US postal dummy front hub cover to eliminate the axle shafts on a 4wd CJ,  and backwards leaf springs.  Rear hub is flat flange versus earlier Jeeps using the big center nut for tapered axle shaft drums, which makes it Post-1980, I believe.



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28 minutes ago, TAKerry said:

But not all DJ's were post office and right hand drive. I have a left hand, 4wd one in my backyard, unfortunately its not a surrey.

Do some research on yours, it is either been modified to 4wd chassis, or wrong ID on paperwork or whatever.  DJ is the 2wd version of a CJ.  A true (non-military) factory 4wd "civilian" Jeep is a C, never a D.


I only took the time to reply to the person who wanted to know where THAT chassis came from, not needing to give the entire history of every Jeep ever made.


We can go deeper; the true Surreys date to much older than the postal DJ chassis in the first post.  The Surrey used 4 lug wheels and what appears to be a much lighter duty front axle/hub/wheels/tires.  Again, the person asked about the chassis under this "speedster", it simply cannot be something odd like a "RHD export" Surrey chassis.  Also, Surrey model never offered a 4wd option.


Typical web search below:

"The Jeep DJ, also known as the Dispatcher, was a two wheel drive variant of the Jeep CJ. Most well known for being the standard mail truck used by the USPS, the DJ also saw special versions known as the Surrey and the Gala, which were open, simple cars ideal for quick beach trips, similar to the Fiat 600 Jolly".

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