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1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz - $7,000 (Durham NC) not mine

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1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz - $7,000 (Durham)


Needs no words, it’s the last of the land yachts and it’s in a purple flake with gator seats. Drives like you’re riding the most comfortable couch you’ve ever sat on and gets everyone on the street smiling.

Bought this a few months ago and put in new CV axels, new alternator, new belts, wood grain wheel, replaced bad electrical connections, replaced most the brake lines, front brakes and rotors, put in new headlights, and changed every fluid you can.

Only problems I haven’t tackled yet is a leaking steering gear but I will include the one I bought remanned with the sale.

She’s totally ready for you to throw a new set of speakers in and put you on the road to the good life!


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    (309) 531-2028

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  • You will have to ask the seller if the fuzzy dice are included in the sale. He doesn't mention them in the post.

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  • Extremely rare "alligator couch" option.


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I just showed my son and he loved it! His comment was 'lets go get it, I wonder if they would take 5k?' 

I may have to talk to his mother tonight!! 

In fairness, his first car was an 89 sedan de ville that he bought when he was 16 with his own money. He has always liked big caddies.

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