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1956 Continental Mark II - $21,000 (Canoga Park)

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Only approximately 3,000 of these classics were made for the ultra high end market. Starts, runs good and stops. Dark navy and powder blue interior very good except for drivers area carpet. Complete original car with fair paint with some chipping spots. Newer wide white wall tires with less than 1,000 miles on them. Decent chrome. This is one of 600 out of the 3,000 made that has original factory air conditioning. I have new compressor that needs installed. Recently rebuilt carburetor. $21,000 or best offer.





NOT Mine. I have no interest in the sale of this 56 Continental.

For $21,000 you would think they could take at least a second picture. 

Another expensive to restore car. With these your REALLY need to pay the price and get the better car. 


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CL poster needs to try a little harder with better and more photos!  One of these Mark II's is on my Top Ten list!  Best offer until when?

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One of the cars that introduced me to the hobby.  Friend's dad had one in mid 70s, silver-grey over red, doors are about 10 or 11 inches thick.  It was cooler than the brand new matching Mark IV he had as well.  A want list car as well, seems prices are all over the map on these.

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Approach Continental Mark II ownership carefully, as handsome as these are, they are an absolute nightmare money-pit if you should buy a rusty, poorly restored example.  Every component, piece and part, other than the specially selected powertrains, was shared with no other Lincoln or FoMoCo model.   Parts sources for body panel and trim are only from parted-out Mark II's.  Of the 3,012 cars produced, estimates are a third to half are still extant.  For all their wonderful build quality, the rust prevention was no better than any other typical mid-'50's production cars.  As such, frame and body rust are common in those found where that condition was rife.  


The only way to buy a Continental Mark II is only the VERY BEST one you can, even if it stretches the budget.  Otherwise, the nightmare will begin...


Addendum: The telltale if the car in question was a rusty one is in the rocker panel trim.  The factory stamping has an offset to allow the stainless trim to mount flush with the body surface, not mount on top of it.  Rusty cars invariably have that area bondo-ed and the rocker trims applied on top of it.   

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I love these, but cannot afford to restore or maintain one. Met a fellow at a cruise nite 4 years ago that had just purchased one. Engine was smoking, a few obvious problems, but still a killer presence!

 New owner didn't even know what engine it was, let alone the thick body filler cracking. 

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