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Mercedes 190SL with Alfred Hitchcock and Leo the lion

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I saw this photo on the wall in the Culver Hotel in Culver City, CA last week.  The hotel is next to Culver Studios, though that was never an MGM property.  But, here is Alfred Hitchcock and the MGM lion, Leo, in a 190SL at MGM Studios, so the photo must be 1955 or later.  I'm not sure I would climb into a car with a lion.



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12 hours ago, zipdang said:

Realizing it is before photoshop days, something just doesn't look quite right. Does the lion look a bit tall to be sitting on a seat? Paws on dashboard? I definitely love the expression on Hitchcock's face!


Is it possibly a card board cut out?

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It's more likely that it is a live photo.  MGM's lions, of which there were a series of at least seven, were all well-trained, well-fed animals that appeared in many photos with people.  Hitchcock was pictured with Leo several times.  Think of Leo as just a big kitty.















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