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2022 National Meet its my first what can I expect?

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I will be attending this year's National meet specifically for the ASC portion. My 14 year old Daughter is excited ti come with me. ❤

Are there planned events? 

Is there a swap meet? 

Is there a place to bring a camper trailer to stay nearby? 

I've been to Hershey and Carlisle many times albeit a decade or more ago. Is it similar?



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If you don’t bring a car to drive on the tours someone will have room for you to ride along.  We’re a welcoming bunch.

Not comparable to Hershey or Carlisle.  The last update I saw said we had 50 some odd people and 18 pre-war cars registered.  The ASC does not have a swap meet of its own.  Any swap meet activity is with the SDC later in the week.



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Don’t miss the ASC auction on Monday evening, always good fun.  Bring something Studebakerish to donate and buy lots of old, useless junk. We’ll be looking for you and your daughter to introduce you to the group. 

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