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The search is on...'65 GS


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First, thanks for having me, this is my first post here (hopefully not  my last).


I don't know how often this happens, but I'm here looking for my family's old Riviera.


My grandfather worked for Buick for a while in the sixties, and ordered himself a Riviera GS.  It was a 1965 in Turquoise Mist (I think), with the 2x4bbl Super Wildcat, white leather seats, and a plaque on the center console that said "Built for Warren K. Shelley (etc.)".  He rarely drove it, kept it in his barn, and we all called her "Supercar".


It was sold in Orange Park, Florida around 1983-84 with a dent in the left rear quarter panel.  My father and I had just rebuilt the engine, and a family friend got hit from behind while borrowing the car.  My dad didn't feel like getting into the body work, so sold the car.  Needless to say, 14 year old me was devastated, and have wanted her back ever since.  I am now finally in a position to possibly do something to that end, so here we are.


Thanks for any help y'all may offer, and for having me.  Enjoying looking around so far.  We had a lot of old Buicks growing up....


Oh, yeah: if, by chance, you DO have her, but aren't trying to part ways, please don't be shy!  I'm not out to pressure or guilt anyone into anything, and would love to hear about her, see pics, etc.  🙂



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Jim: Yes, the vin is the definitive and final piece of proof but.....as much recollection as possible about the car and it's color, options, anything . The guys here are dialed in better than anyone on the planet  and if there's anything that resembles the car you're hunting for it conceivably could surface on this forum.  Keep us updated with any clues that might come to mind or tangible something and if it's kicking around......WE'LL FIND IT !!  Mitch

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On 3/22/2022 at 11:54 PM, 71GS said:

Welcome and best of luck with your search. Turquoise mist and white interior  would be a beautiful and pretty rare color combo. 😎

Yeah, it had a lot of unique stuff, the color combo, the dual AFBs, the build plaque....I'm hoping someone remembers a really cool Riviera from Florida... 🤞

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