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What causes lights to go dim-bright-dim-bright...1964 LeSabre

Pete Phillips

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My 1964 LeSabre's headlights and all of the other lights go from dim to bright, dim to bright, every second or less when I have the headlights on. It seems to occur only at speeds above idle, and affects all of the lights. It's not a circuit breaker cutting in and out--I know what that is like. Car runs and drives just fine, odometer shows 77,000 miles but could be 177,000. Any idea what is wrong? The car has been repainted a few years ago. Someone said it might be a bad ground?


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX.

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Pete, as others  above have said, but also i went to show you a photo of small battery monitor, but  for some reason

my photo connection is not working--will try  get my daughter  to  repair  tomorrow, .

Back to tell you ,the monitor is  only about $12.00 small  about  3 inches  they go straight into your cigarette lighter 

socket, and before starting your  car ignition on  will show your batterys power   should be  about 12.6 volts, but when

you drive off should show about 13.5 to 14.5 as your driving,---these are  great--  and will show  what your  car is doing.

Reason i have had one for years is  with old Porsche 911 up to about 1987, they did not have  alternator reading dials,---so these

Monitors are a must,--reason with Porsche batterys are in the front under hood, and if  a alternator regulator goes faulty  , swells  the battery 

and blows up causing  a very  bad fire ,  can  push the volts up to  about 16 to 18 volts, . a new regulator is then required.

very expensive for Porsche 911.

my present monitor is  a Digiteck n287, one i had   a few years back i  purchased one from amazon,


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