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Replacement spark plugs for 1927 Chrysler 6 Red Head


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There is also the option of fitting adapters to change the plugs to a modern 14mm or 1/2 inch.

This gives you the opportunity to play around with different temperature plugs to get your car running at its peak.

The C4 plug I believe is a reasonably cold plug and some of the industrial alternatives that are sold are even colder. With modern fuels our cars need a hotter plug.

I've been running 14mm plugs in my Chrysler 75 (silver dome) for many years and it is currently fitted with Bosch HR8DCV plugs with and adapter.

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my old catalogue lists Chrysler 1924 to 1929  C-4  newer C-16C


 0lder list /  "50" , 6 and Imp. "8" for 1927   reg. line  A   Univ. line AA


Do you have info in the owners manual?

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