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Hi everyone,


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About a month ago I bought a 1929 Buick Model 27   116 Series. It's a 4-door car.  It's a solid old car and we really like it.  Of course, it's in original condition and I have quite of bit to do to it. But I did get it started and it runs. Still have some   adjusting to do. I do need a few parts so if anyone has some stuff to sell, so please let me know what you have, and I will see if I need them. I do need the rear exterior outside door handles and maybe the top molding vinyl/rubber around the top material. Nice to be here.

Thanks for looking,

John Craig

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1 hour ago, Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel said:

Greetings from Cincinnati- I hope to see you and your car out this year.  

Working in West Harrison, IN.  

Hi Ted,

I have a few things to do to it but I hope to be out to some of the local shows. Maybe we will meet at one...



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