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Early Buick Cup Holder


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Every now and then the need arises for holding a beverage in the car.  My front seat has a metal band across the front that hangs below the wood frame by 1/4".  I was looking for a container that could prevent a drink from falling over and be removable when taking the car to shows.  I started with a thick paper ice cream container for a template.  There is a notch that I cut into it that prevents the plastic from touching the paint and keeps the container from moving.  I found a plastic container that was about 6" x 5" on the bottom.  This came from a container of “slime” that was left over from doing the garden tractor tires.  I was able to cut this with a utility knife.  For the divider, I used a piece of sheetmetal and made 3 bends in it.  Not super eloquent, but it gets the job done, and now I also have a place to store the garage door remote.    Hugh



Cup Holder 1.JPG

Cup Holder 2.JPG

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Yup,  the good weather brings out the best in us.   You must be able to travel in safety (no spilling)  now that we can.  (if you can afford the gas now days).    At least do a short jaunt within a few miles.   We need to get things stirred up and keep the ole oil flowing.    We souther guys can get on the road  earlier than our chilly friends up north.   

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35 minutes ago, 1937 Buick 66C said:

Excellent idea.   Inspiration for me to build up a mount for the bluetooth rear-view camera screen and battery.  I'm too short to be driving about in these old convertibles, with no rearward visibility!!

Yes, that is something I have been pondering also. I already bought the 6v to 12v converter but have not found the right screen and camera set up yet. Also trying to figure the best place to mount the cam. I have an awesome number plate frame camera on my sports car but I run an antique plate which is bigger than these days plate and the frame won't fit.

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I bought a basic 2 cup holder ( from Amazon, I think) and glued some leatherette around a small piece of wood and onto the rear and base. 

The piece of wood slides down between seat back and cushion and keeps the holder firmly on the seat. 

Also, easy to move between cars. 

Bill McLaughlin

1929 McL-Buick Roadster 



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