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Where does the trailer wheel bearing grease go to ?

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I just greased my EZ Lube hubs on my trailer.


EZ Lube spindles have the zerc at the 
end of the wheel spindle.

It feeds the grease to the wheel bearings 
from a small hole thru the center of the 
spindle between the inner & outer bearing.


If your inner bearing seal is intact 
the grease will fill and be forced 
out the front wheel bearing 
when it has filled the void.


Assuming your inner wheel bearing
seal is good - where does all the 
grease go as it it used up ?



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Yeah I was told that too.


But the correct way is to periodically 

jack up the trailer wheel - check for 

bearing play - tighten is necessary 

and then lube the zerc in the center

of the spindle until the grease starts

being pushed from the outer bearing.





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Never assume.


I still believe the grease will be discharged by centrifugal force.

If there is no shield on the backside of the bearing especially, the excess grease will escape into the inner bearing cap of the equipment bearing housing. Even if the inner seal is good, that C force is so extreme for prolonged periods it has to escape somehow (one would think). 



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This is my 16th year transporting year round - there is an inner rear bearing seal that has a double lip - it keeps the wheel bearing grease from being forced out into the mounting plate to which the brakes are attached.


I don’t have grease in my brakes because my inner wheel bearing deals are intact.




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On some of the Dexter axels there is an over flow hole drilled and excess grease will pump outside the center hub when full........that was back fifteen or twenty years ago........not so sure today. I find it easier to replace the backing plates, brakes, magnets, bearings, and drums all in one shot every few years..........and once in the middle I will pull it all apart and inspect/grease everything. I don’t run Chinese bearings.....or seals. I use Timken and CR seals. 

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Posted (edited)

I replace my brake backing plates - wheel bearings - drums at least once a year.


Ben & Dean Yoder in Iowa have been servicing my trailer - Ben has always filled the void on EZ Lube hubs with grease 

like Dexter recommends:





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I would add one more thing is when servicing the EZ Lube if you can Jack it up and spin the wheels while pumping the grease in, so grease gets evenly distributed to around the bearing as your making those pumps , someone also told me it relieves the pressure against the inner grease seal for it to purge against the back plate and a few years back before I rotated the wheel. I had one inner seal leak grease on the back plate and in the brakes. Cheers safe travels. But ultimately I do old school disassemble Inspect and replace new seals and use my bearing packer once a year a lot more work but safer and clean good wheel bearings plus you can inspect your drum brakes at that time.

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