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New To Me 1928 Packard W/Pics As Promised

Flivver guy

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 You got a great car there!

I had 2 friends that had  nice original condition '28 Packards like yours.They use to pal around together and belonged to the same clubs in the 70's-early 90's

I had driven both cars many times.

A bit steering trucky,tight in the front seat, but smooth and quiet driving.

They both put oversized tires on the car which improved the ride and overall look of the cars..And I'm sure added some foot pounds to the steering(trucky) at low speed.


The 2 cars were bought from an old timer who loved and worked on Packards and Pontiacs. He and his wife ran a "Ma and Pa" gas station ,into their 80s.

 He had cars like yours stashed all over,bought up through the years from past customers..

Even some open cars...He owned some Eights too...Even an AACA show car phaeton.

Anyway ,he thought those basic Sixs of Packard (27,28 maybe 29? ) were the most solid, stead fast ,reliable rugged models they ever made . 

 This old timer's  brother made the paper in the  60's when HIS '28 Packard Six sedan clock 500,000 miles ,commuting back and forth to work for 40 years..with the original engine block in the car.

 Good luck!



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