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1936 Desoto Airstream

scuba nut

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Hi All,

I have a 1936 Desoto Airstream. The brake drums are the originals. I'd like to reuse them and want to have them turned (re-surfaced). I know on more modern brake drums they're stamped with the measurements on the limits that they can be turned. On the Desoto drums there's no measurement limits stamped on them.Does anyone know what the limits would be on the original brake drums? Or should I even bother and buy new drums. I'm restoring the car to it's original state so the new drums would have to line up with the original steering knuckle. 

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Any well established and competent brake shop should still be able calculate the turning oversize limits on a cast iron brake drum off a 1936 Chrysler...

It maybe as simple as any  factory original diameter and a  max formula to go. .045 ,.060 or .090 over, say an 11" or 11-1/2"  I.D. drum... 

Some of my books state a general max oversize of .060.

 That drums smooth and true worn or turned up to .030 oversize ,standard lining may still be used..

If worn more then that or need to be turn larger..to turn up to .060 oversize and install oversized lining.

 Way back when,some states required drums worn more the .060 over the stock nominal diameter be replaced.


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