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37 steering wheel color

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have settled on a grey for the interior of the 37 1/2 ton I'm restoring. I'm going to use the same grey I used on a 38 Plymouth 1/2 ton I did some time ago. It is a Nason Acrylic Enamel single stage. I'll try to post a sample picture along with the formula and Nason stock number tomorrow.    John

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Can I ask a favor of you? 

On top of the cowl under the hood where the rear end of the hood hinge fits into the chrome bracket there is another bracket spot welded to the cowl that the chrome bracket screws to. See pic. I removed the spot welded bracket to repair rust under it and now I have a gap I didn't notice before. What am I missing here? 

Thanks.   John


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