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Intake carb item


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I would guess some have called them air cleaners.


The earliest ones that I have seen had louvers on the end, thus swirling the air as it entered and throwing dust and dirt against the perimeter of the can, where gravity would cause it to fall to the bottom, and exit through a slot. No one has yet explained to me why air did not also enter through the slot. These were successful in filtering out larger grasshoppers and small birds.


Probably in the second generation, the cans were filled with horse-hair. The owner/operator was to remove the air cleaner at some specified period (often weekly), wash the horse-hair with fresh gasoline, and then soak the horse-hair in oil. Dust entering the air cleaner would stick to the oil, preventing the dust from entering the carburetor. These actually did filter out some dirt and dust. The horse-hair only was used a few years; possibly because the horse objected?


Generation three saw the horse-hair replaced with various steel mesh, again to be washed and re-oiled at some specified period. Again, these would filter some dirt and dust.


As many were pitched over the years, good canisters are prized by restorers, and often bring interesting prices. The trick is to identify the exact application.



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