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Remote brake booster on MC '37 Dodge


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Hey all you brake gurus, the previous owner installed a remote brake booster to help with brake pedal pressure, he was getting on in years.


Ever since I've owned the car the brake pedal has always been rock hard, brakes work very well, so no issue with brake capacity but the booster does not seem to have any affect to the pedal feel.


Initially I thought the remote booster needed a rebuild, due to the fact that the car hadn't been driven much since its restoration, so I had the booster rebuilt but this made no difference to the brake pedal feel. I've checked vacuum from the hose that feeds the booster from the inlet manifold, plenty of vacuum 20* on the gauge.


I am stumped, any new ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

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If you disconnect the brake booster do the brakes still work well? I had a 34 Ford truck (mechanical brakes) that had a vacuum booster and it had a separate unit in the brake pedal pull rod that would control the vacuum to the cylinder. Somewhere there has to be something that controls the vacuum to your cylinder. It may be a separate unit like mine was or incorporated in the cylinder. It has to have something to meter the vacuum, otherwise it just doesn't work or it pulls the brake pedal to the floor when you apply them. That's my 2 cents   

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