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Show us your Brush

Simon Anderson

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Tomorrow I’m at the point where I’m installing the #60 roller link chains and driving it back and forth on the driveway which is very flat. If I only had brakes, fenders and maybe a new hood. The project is still young so I’ll figure out something, it’s a 1909 Model BC. 


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  • 2 months later...

I do not have a Brush.

But in my beating the proverbial, and actual brush,pun intended for Model T Fords and parts I blundered onto my fair share of Brush components. Great fun figuring out what they were pre internet.And I mean that sincerely.

 Paul Schaefer years ago you bought that engine, differential and partial chassis I am certain you will recall. 

Also I had an additional front axle that had T spindles welded in. I forget who I traded that to for T stuff but I seem to remember, Paul, you knew who's project it ended up on. 

And I had a very nice steering gear and wheel I don't recall who got.  That was mounted in what I later learned was a speakeasy or "Blind Tiger" as the old guy that I obtained it from called it. It was part of a pulley system that cranked the hooch to safety in case of unwelcome guests.

I was driving by his house and he had that steering gear out with junk lawnmowers and other crap with a sign "free". (I even got a 50's vintage mower running and used it for many years for 'trimup' till my wife thought it would mow gravel and broke the crankshaft)

I gladly loaded in the pickup all the junk he had accumulated so he could get his car in his garage for the winter. I worked at Falstaff Brewery in Fort Wayne then and had just come from the employee beer sale.

He saw the cases of beer, Ballantine XXX Ale,  Haffenreffer Malt Liquor and said he hadn't had any in decades because of his wife, recently deceased was apparently a charter member of the Anti-Saloon League.

He didn't think there was much she could do to him at this point and could he have some. I carried a bunch in his house.  He made an obscene gesture toward the sky.And just to be sure the ground. We became good friends.

I would be very interested in seeing pictures of cars things I saved from the scrappers have been used on.

Paul, hope all is well with you yours.

Been awhile.

Jim Eviston.





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After a couple years this is where I’m up to with my model F. Just waiting on the radiator which is having a new core fitted and the transmission which has been a big job to rebuild. Once the radiator is  fitted its off to have the hood and mudguards made and upholstery after the Christmas break.  Hopefully all done and dusted by mid 2023.  Rob



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Well because I installed a different three speed transmission and clutch. Working a clutch and shifting was going to be a problem. No room for an additional pedal. I dug through my collection of old parts and found what might have been a parking brake lever from some late 20’s car, or it might have been from a early farm tractor, or plowing implement. The lever in question works the clutch, so now by using the ratchet pawl function I can lock the clutch in the disengaged mode while I shift, and the original Brush lever is still the gear selector.  Can’t be any more difficult than driving a three pedal Model T Ford. It was a compromise of function which I believe turned out pretty good. 

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My Dad's parents families landed in what is now Huntington County Indiana in the 1830s.And Dad's folks continued to live there 

So, consequently we gravitated to the Huntington relatives for all the various family events.

I remember seeing that Brush in a Huntington 4th of July parade in the '60's when I was maybe 5 years old.   

Even though I have been familiar with Brush cars since this solves the mystery of "What the hell was the little brass car that went by us going Putt....Putt....Putt ....?

Paul Schaefer could you please post some more pictures of your Brush that you used some of the stuff you got from me on?

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