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Carter AFB Accelerator Pump Discharge Valve: Needle-tip or Ball and Weight?


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I'm rebuilding a 1961 Carter AFB 3108S for cousin's 1961 Dodge Polara 413, and the rebuild kit I received has a new check-ball and weight instead of the factory type needle for the accelerator pump discharge valve. The ball and weight stacked are the same length as the factory needle. To clarify, I'm referring to the vertical valve that rests under the accelerator pump jet housing and not the accelerator pump inlet check valve located in the pump well wall.


Is it acceptable to use the ball and weight instead of the needle design? I hesitate to reuse the needle because it has a groove worn into it, and I'd have to special order the needle. I recall running into this issue with a Holley many years ago and ended up using the ball and weight without issue, but I wanted more input. Thanks.

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