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Original Photos of PreWar Cars in the Winter


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I can't remember if I posted this under prewar photos so forgive me if its a repeat. While not automotive related it is winter related!


This set of photos were taken in March of 1928. (94 years ago this month) Edouard Lacroix's Madawaska Company purchased a 188,000 lb, former New York Central (ex-Lake Shore & Michigan Southern) 2-8-0 locomotive to be used on his Eagle Lake & West Branch Railroad from a used equipment dealer in Bartavia, NY. Delivered by rail to Lac Frontier, Quebec it was disassembled and hauled overland 50 miles to Tramway which is located on the narrow strip of land separating Eagle Lake and Chamberlain Lake in the heart of Maine's Allagash Wilderness. The trip took 3 days. Remarkable, this locomotive and a smaller companion moved into the site in 1927 are still there.


Back in the early 1990's I had the pleasure of leading the effort to stabilize these locomotives which included jacking them up out of the mud, which they had been sinking into since late 1933 when they were abandoned, and building new roadbed. There is no road access to the site so we had to commute to work every day by boat and all materials had to be brought in during the winter by snowmobile. In fact we hauled in 150 cubic yards of crushed stone using snowmobiles and five gallon plastic buckets. Our motivation was these photos and the realization that if they could do it back then with out heavy equipment we could do as well.




And a couple non-prewar photos...


That's a much younger me in the blue hard hat talking over the project with Dave Steves - one of the amazing volunteers who made the project happen









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Prewar cars in the snow but not prewar.   A reminder of when guys REALLY drove their cars.


And yes, that is my parents in the Cord - I think we got a BOS out of that show - and the same bucket of bolts that is taking up my truck spot in the garage.





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Was the annual meeting the show at Buck Hill Falls ever winter?   There were a couple of guys who lived in the next town from us that would load their prewar cars with booze and drive down to NJ from Mass.  According to my dad.   This was January.   Think about that for a second.


The show would be in either the parking garage or the hockey rink.  I forget which one.   My dad drove his Darrin down their one year.


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Ok  Bob,  this one is for  you and is a prewar car taken in the winter prior to WWII.   The erudite among you will recognize Rudolph Bauer - at least I think that is who that is.   I expect this to show up on facebook within a few weeks and Ed to discover it and email it back to me.




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21 hours ago, alsancle said:

I expect this to show up on facebook within a few weeks and Ed to discover it and email it back to me.




Thanks for the best laugh in a long time!  Ed isn't alone, this happens all the time.  Reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Here's Henry B. Joy enjoying the winter in Tooele County, Utah.  The Packard is a 1st series twin.

HBJ Tooele County Utah.JPG

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Yes, both at the garage, they were printed in a CCCA publication in the mid 80's. Don't remember which one. My 31 Caddy Fleetwood Roadster was a town plow for 25 years.............to say it was beat to death is an understatement. 

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