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A great /outstanding resource for dealer locations is the Sunday paper Auto sections that were printed and included. They give such a great picture of where the dealerships and service buildings were, especially in larger cities. Neat to be able to see if the building still survives, perhaps may have some hidden notification on the brick exterior walls etc.

The listings in the Auto section supplements also give you a clue as to who was in competition with who . GREAT research material seldom thought about or discussed.

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50 minutes ago, George Smolinski said:

When I posted this, the photos were upright on my phone. Anyone know why they go sideways when you post them here?

Yes, but it’s complicated 😀.  Depending on your phone type and settings your phone photos contain orientation information on how things were positioned when the photos were taken.  When you post here that orientation information may not be compatible with the software that embeds the photo in the discussion thread.  I have a few photos I’ve tried posting here and they always appear upside down no matter what I do.  

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High school yearbooks usually have a lot of car dealer ads too. Sometimes with both location and phone number, sometimes only one of those.


I acquired a 1949 Rocky Mount (NC) High School yearbook in an auction lot and in a town of then roughly 28,000 population there were NINE new car dealerships including Nash, Studebaker and Hudson agencies. The Hudson franchise also sold Federal trucks.


In today's automotive sales climate a town of 28000 would do good to have ONE new car dealership, esp if there were a larger city close by. Mega dealers just don't support their communities the way these small town businesses did. Can you imagine a CarMax ad in a high school yearbook? if there's even such a thing as a yearbook any more?

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