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1912 REO Touring - $42,000 - Atlanta, GA

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Not mine.  Beautiful car but I’m curious as to opinions of forum members who know these cars.  Not sure if this “new auction site” in description is legitimate; has anyone on the forum bought a car through www.clasiq.com?




Contact seller:  9f663c03db78397abf20d0d828d17d58@sale.craigslist.org


From seller’s Craigslist ad: “Ransom Eli Olds raised to fame as a car builder known for producing vehicles of extreme dependability and stout construction. REO’s, applied titled due to Ransom’s past incorporation and subsequent sale of Olds Motor Works, were produced between 1905 and 1936, when the company concentrated on producing trucks. REO’s reputation was bolstered when popular British writer Thomas Wilby, and transplanted American driver/mechanic Jack Haney traveled across Canada in a 1912 REO Touring. 52 days out of Halifax, Nova Scotia the two landed in Vancouver, British Columbia thus completing the first trans-Atlantic crossing of Canada. Our Touring’s past is just not recalled. The owner of over 30 years sadly recently passed and the car’s history got lost that way, unfortunately. Located in Gilbert, Arizona, the title has been transferred to the estate and is clean and clear, ready for transfer.

Cream color – an innovation in itself, shows very nice and close to perfection. This is an all-steel, original, and correct body produced by REO. Her bright-work is wonderful, a combination of some perfect, some showing a bit of age. Glass windshield is reported to be in very good shape, its formulation be it safe-t-glass or sheet is unknown. Lighting is provided by original carbide lamps and when lit, product forward lighting concentrated by focused lenses. Tires, rims are all era proper or actual factory supplied. Her top operates and its bow support is reported as proper to the car.

Saddle upholstery, it is likely leather as reported. All wooden components appear to be solid and very likely to be reconditioned sometime in her recent past. There is no odometer located on the simple dash. Note the ‘innovative’ floor pedal assembly, a sign of things to come in automotive design. Door operation is reported as excellent.

Reported to have the original 4-cylinder, 215 cubic inch overhead intake motor, report of her day state that an REO Touring could reach speeds nearing 40 miles per hour, thanks to its 30 horses of power. Industry leading 3 forward gears were manipulated with a floor-oriented shifter, activated with a left pedal clutch. Last drive just before it’s owner’s passing, she has been stored since. All running gear is believed to be original or era correct.

This car is being auctioned on a new classic car auction site. We provide a 3rd party inspection, professional photos and a walk around video - See the auction here - https://www.clasiq.com/auction/1912-reo-touring/

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.




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2 hours ago, kar3516 said:

...Not sure if this “new auction site” in description is legitimate; has anyone on the forum bought a car through www.clasiq.com?


I think it is legitimate.  I have never dealt with them,

but I know one man who has dealt with them.  (He

was preparing to auction an '85 Buick Riviera through

their site, but I bought the car before he listed it.)


He said they were thorough and helpful in his preparations

for the auction.  They wanted good pictures, and a sufficient

number of them, and advised a realistic expectation of the

price he could expect to achieve.

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One should always be careful.  It looks like a site that just hosts car auctions so they may not know anything about the car or the seller.  The text sounds like it was written by someone who knows nothing about the car.  Everything is "reported to be ..." with few actual facts and nothing at all about how it runs or drives.  And some of the wording sounds like it may have been written by someone who is not fully comfortable with the language.  Red flag.


That said, it might be a great car.  I have a '12 REO and I think they're very well made cars and often one of the best deals out there.  This one is overpriced if $42000 is their target.  BTW, it's not an all-steel body and may be one of the "composite" body cars like mine.  I think they made a change late in the year. 


If someone wants a 1912 REO they should check out Ian Hayhurst's car that is currently advertised on the HCCA site.  I'm skeptical about this one.



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