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Which starter will fit a 38 Imperial transmission

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I have made a driveline package out of a 1947 323 L8 and the flywheel and transmission from a 1938 Imperial. By redrilling some mounting holes I converted the engine from Fluid Drive to manual and it all looks workable. Together with the transmission came an Autolite starter of type MAX-4003, which I understand was fitted to various models? That starter worked sort of initially, although I am not certain it was the best choice being very cramped between the oil-stick, the engine itself, and starter body and starter solenoid. The MAX-4003 now has developed a short and require expensive repairs and I am looking for replacement alternatives. Can anyone support me with what starters I might use, from what years and models of cars, do you by any chance have a working starter laying around (I have an US East Coast shipping address). I have tried for fit an early Chrysler Hemi starter (looks similar but the mounts are differently located).


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MAX-4003 was the original starter on:

1935 C1 and C3

1936 Airflow C9, C10 and C11

1937 Custom Imperial C15

1937 Airflow C17


1938 Imperial C19's used a MAX-4037

1938 Custom Imperial C20's used a MAX-4038


Others using MAX-4037:

1939 Imperial, Saratoga and New Yorker C23 (MAX-4020A if Fluid Drive)

1940 Saratoga, New Yorker and Traveler C26 (MAX 4020A if Fluid Drive)


1938-40 Royals and Windsors (6 cyl.) as well as all 1940 C27's (8 cyl.) used MAX-4020A


MAX-4045 and MAX-4045A as used on all 1941 Chryslers might work too.

All 1942-48 Chryslers used MAX-4050 starters.


I don't know if all above starters are interchangable. I would have to do some more intense research.


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44 minutes ago, Peter R. said:

Many thanks, exactly what I was hoping for someone might have an overview of.


Now if anyone could tell me if a Fluid Drive starter will fit a non-FD transmission? Anyone tested that?


I am preparing to remove the starter of my 40 NewYorker (FD) and test it on the currently starter-less drivetrain (non-FD).



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Very impressive. Do you have the numbers for the MAX-4050 starter also? I notice  advertising of a modern high torque starter for late L8s (believe 1949 is the year in the advert). The UK company could also provide a 6V version I was told.



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