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Inside Door handles


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Hi everyone, I am new here so I might screw up at first.. Anyway. I recently bought a 1929 Buick Model 27  116 Series. 4 door sedan. I am looking for both rear outside door handles. And a couple hood hold downs, I did find a inside window crank and escutcheon that was missing. So I have been trying to get one of the inside door handles off and I can not figure it out. The escutcheon threads on so it won't push in for access. There is a small rectangle cutout in the escutcheon and I was told to use a dental pick to depress a pin to release the handle. Well, I can't see or feel any pin there. There is a small groove in there but there is no pin or u-shaped clip that a lot of handles had, Do any of you all have or know any tricks to get the handle off. I will need to take all of the handles and windows cranks off. Thanks in advance...  I have added a picture of the front door handle. I think the rear ones that I need looks like these. Thanks 

1929 Buick Model 27  116 Series front door handle.jpg

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