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'50 Buick 263 intake manifold crack under carb


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The manifold on my 50 Buick 263 has developed a crack just under the carb was is causing a lean out condition.  (see below - photo from web, not my actual manifold) 


Just wondering if this is a "somewhat" common weakness of the manifold.  I'm waiting for the JB Weld to set, to see if it seals...


Anyone else run across this issue?

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 5.34.59 PM.jpg

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Just a follow up on the intake manifold crack. 


I had been experiencing an intermittent miss at idle only.. went away off idle and with acceleration - as evidenced by a "putt-putt" at the tail pipe.  Must have caused a lean condition at low rpm. 


It's been greatly reduced/almost eliminated since the JB Weld....so for others who have a intermittent "putt-putt miss" @ idle, check for a tiny intake manifold leak....

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