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Are these new cylinders for 1912 Maxwell....yes, no or ?

Hinckley Bill

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Here as a 'newbie on a mission'


To make a long story short, I'm trying to help the family of a recently deceased buddy of mine (Gerry Ruschke) sell a couple of items I believe were made for a two-cylinder 1912 Maxwell that his brother (Larry Ruschke) owned and left to Gerry when he passed about 5 years ago.  The car was sold about 2 or 3 years ago but these obviously new parts didn't go with the sale.


I did some 'googling' and found a partial picture of Larry's Maxwell, as well as pictures of two cylinder Maxwell motors, the latter of which make me believe that the two pieces I have are new 'cast' cylinders for this model of car.  I'm attaching pictures of the two new cylinders I have to sell.


If anyone cares to chime in on whether my guess on the parts is correct I'd sure appreciate it. 


Thanks in advance for any/all help given







Larry Ruschke 1912 Maxwell.jpg

Maxwell w Ford carbs.JPG

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Bill -


They appear to be Maxwell 2-cylinder jugs. What is the bore diameter? If 4-1/2", they would fit several models, from 1907-1912. If you have measurements and photos from multiple angles, a good place to sell them would be the Maxwell-Briscoe group, which covers the 1905-1912 cars.  (free account to join at   https://maxwellbriscoeowners.groups.io/


Photo of a 1910 Maxwell AA engine:






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