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Want to Buy Small lock for glovebox

John C.

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Wanted: A correct lock for an early 1930’s glove compartment, with a 5/8-inch (15.875 millimeter) diameter cartridge tumbler.  It could be a Yale lock or from a European manufacturer.  The rear mechanism isn’t as important as the front of the cartridge.  Attached are photos of the old glovebox door, a too-large Yale lock and a drawing with probable dimensions for a right-sized Yale lock.  Location:  Near Seattle, WA






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Hi  John

Here is 1 I found this morning; probably closest I have.

NOS Made by Briggs and Stratton, housing measures 1 1/2" by 1 3/4", lock tower is .910"; lock tower is bad pot metal.

Has 2 H keys, probably NOS Hupmobile.IMG_1375.JPG.029224aa49792bfcadc101a0184c4db4.JPGIMG_1376.JPG.29f6c4870fd240a21f437d5ae8aae351.JPG

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Hi PLK - 


Thanks for your reply on this.  One constraint is that the whole unit must mortise-fit on a 3/4 inch thick door, so that cylinder is too long.


I've been trying to find an early 1930 Yale Lock catalog online but have been unsuccessful so far. . . 





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