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Cuno Oil Filter

Alex D.

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How many automobiles in the 30’s used the Cuno oil Filter?


The 1932 Cadillac had a rod from the starter to the Cuno oil filter. Every time the starter was pressed it would turn the discs inside the filter housing to separate the sludge from the disc. The sludge then can be drained by removing the plug at the bottom of the filter.


How affective is the Cuno with modern high detergent motor oils?


Cuno filter.jpg

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We had Cunos on several critical components at the powerplant, and they filtered turbine-spec oil which doesn't really get that dirty though it usually ran in the 120-140° temperature range.


I don't know how effectively a perforated disc type filter would remove suspended solids from detergent oils. The idea is to scrape plated solids off the disks.


I had a couple of dumbass Operators who never got the hang of cleaning and desludging the Cunos, or even worse switching out the duplex units so one could be cleaned while keeping the other filter online. I hope those boys never had a water filtration system at home.

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