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1926 Chrysler 50 front leaf springs


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Having finally got my 1926 Chrysler 50 on wheels and mobile I dared drive it down the driveway and back a few times, really happy.

This has spurred me to strip the front steering and suspension for a check over, clean and lube. And install all split pins etc.

So the question: which way do the front leaf springs run as I suspect they were backtofront.

The front springs have the centre pin about 1" offset, and the end bushes have one turned up, the other down.

This arrangement can change the castor of the kingpins to lean backwards or forwards.

Would any one be able to confirm which way the spring goes, or even show me a photo of how theirs sit.

In eastern Australia we've had two weeks of rain plus now sadly floods, so the front end out is my giant rainy day project, here's a photo with nose up.






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