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FS - Warehouse Find - Packard Collection


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I manage a building that has housed a unique collection of classic cars since before I took it over. We are in the process of freeing up space and are offering the following vehicles for sale. The specific Packards and their respective pricing is listed below.


1940 Packard Boat Tail - $35,000

1950 Packard (tan) - $18,000

1950 Packard Super 8 - $18,000

1951 Packard (black)  - $11,000

1951 Packard Deluxe - $17,000

1951 Packard Convertible (black) - $38,000

1951 Packard Convertible - $13,000

1951 Packard Convertible - $13,000

1952 Packard - $10,000

1952 Packard - $6,000

1953 Packard Convertible 250 (Red) - $48,000

1956 Packard Patrician - $8,000

1956 Packard Patrician - $17,000


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I am certain the "boat tail" was built by Bob Daryman here in York, PA in the 1980's or so.  He loved taking Packard or other chassis' and fitting them with bodies he made from scrap hoods and such.  I believe the boat tail on this one is a Nash hood but my memory could be wrong.  He created several cars, all painted the same tan/cream color because it was the cheapest he could buy.  He never tried to pass his creations along as anything other than what they were. He was also fond of "Arkansas chrome" which came on rolls.  He had a 1930? RR.  He chromed the grill and bumpers with "chrome on a roll".  Actually looked good from 20 feet away.  His cars were sold at auction after he passed.

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