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65/66 LeSabre-Wildcat

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I just have two questions if anyone can help me out. First, will the body of a 65 LeSabre fit on the frame of a 66 Wildcat without modifications? Second, since the length of the front clip on a LeSabre is shorter than the Wildcat, could you attach the front clip of the Wildcat to the Lesabre body on top of the Wildcat frame? Thanks, hope that makes sense. 

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3 hours ago, mp67riv said:

I may be wrong, but I think the Wildcat was on a longer wheelbase than the LeSabre, beginning in 65. So my guess is that it wouldn't fit.

Thanks for responding. Yeah, the Wildcat is three inches longer, and has a longer wheelbase but the length in only added on the front clip, so the fenders are longer but the body is the same size. I think the back wheels are the same but the front wheelbase is longer. I don't know for sure though. So I was thinking, if you added the front clip of the Wildcat to the LeSabre, it should cover whole amount of the frame, and the the wheelbase size would be alright, but I could be wrong🤷‍♂️

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If the front and rear seat legroom specs are the same, the "cab" would be the same from the firewall back, I suspect.  In which case, putting the Wildcat frame under a LeSabre, you would need the complete front clip from the Wildcat to finish the deal.


Which might also mean there is more room between the motor and the cowl on the Wildcat?  Considering that the motor is in the same relationship to the front wheels on both frames.  Plus longer steering column shafts on the Wildcat, too.  Throttle linkage, too.


Reasons for wondering?  Just curious.


Just some thoughts,


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